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00001 '''This handles authentication setup'''
__revision__ = '$Revision: 1717 $'

import Bcfg2.Server.Plugin

00006 class Account(Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.Plugin):
    '''This module generates account config files,
    based on an internal data repo:
    static.(passwd|group|limits.conf) -> static entries
    dyn.(passwd|group) -> dynamic entries (usually acquired from yp or somesuch)
    useraccess -> users to be granted login access on some hosts
    superusers -> users to be granted root privs on all hosts
    rootlike -> users to be granted root privs on some hosts
    __name__ = 'Account'
    __version__ = '$Id: Account.py 1717 2006-01-25 16:48:06Z desai $'
    __author__ = 'bcfg-dev@mcs.anl.gov'

    def __init__(self, core, datastore):
        Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.Plugin.__init__(self, core, datastore)
        self.Entries = {'ConfigFile':{'/etc/passwd':self.from_yp_cb,
            self.repository = Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.DirectoryBacked(self.data, self.core.fam)
            self.logger.error("Failed to load repos: %s, %s" % (self.data, "%s/ssh" % (self.data)))
            raise Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.PluginInitError

00031     def from_yp_cb(self, entry, metadata):
        '''Build password file from cached yp data'''
        fname = entry.attrib['name'].split('/')[-1]
        entry.text = self.repository.entries["static.%s" % (fname)].data
        entry.text += self.repository.entries["dyn.%s" % (fname)].data
        perms = {'owner':'root', 'group':'root', 'perms':'0644'}
        [entry.attrib.__setitem__(key, value) for (key, value) in perms.iteritems()]

00039     def gen_limits_cb(self, entry, metadata):
        '''Build limits entries based on current ACLs'''
        entry.text = self.repository.entries["static.limits.conf"].data
        superusers = self.repository.entries["superusers"].data.split()
        useraccess = [line.split(':') for line in self.repository.entries["useraccess"].data.split()]
        users = [user for (user, host) in useraccess if host == metadata.hostname.split('.')[0]]
        perms = {'owner':'root', 'group':'root', 'perms':'0600'}
        [entry.attrib.__setitem__(key, value) for (key, value) in perms.iteritems()]
        entry.text += "".join(["%s hard maxlogins 1024\n" % uname for uname in superusers + users])
        if "*" not in users:
            entry.text += "* hard maxlogins 0\n"

00051     def gen_root_keys_cb(self, entry, metadata):
        '''Build root authorized keys file based on current ACLs'''
        superusers = self.repository.entries['superusers'].data.split()
        rootlike = [line.split(':', 1) for line in self.repository.entries['rootlike'].data.split()]
        superusers += [user for (user, host) in rootlike if host == metadata.hostname.split('.')[0]]
        rdata = self.repository.entries
        entry.text = "".join([rdata["%s.key" % user].data for user in superusers if rdata.has_key("%s.key" % user)])
        perms = {'owner':'root', 'group':'root', 'perms':'0600'}
        [entry.attrib.__setitem__(key, value) for (key, value) in perms.iteritems()]

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