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# This is the bcfg2 support for chkconfig
# $Id: Chkconfig.py 2401 2006-10-06 21:06:16Z desai $

'''This is chkconfig support'''
__revision__ = '$Revision: 2401 $'

import Bcfg2.Client.Tools, Bcfg2.Client.XML

00009 class Chkconfig(Bcfg2.Client.Tools.SvcTool):
    '''Chkconfig support for Bcfg2'''
    __name__ = 'Chkconfig'
    __execs__ = ['/sbin/chkconfig']
    __handles__ = [('Service', 'chkconfig')]
    __req__ = {'Service': ['name', 'status']}

00016     def VerifyService(self, entry, _):
        '''Verify Service status for entry'''
            srvdata = self.cmd.run('/sbin/chkconfig --list %s | grep -v "unknown service"'
                                   % entry.attrib['name'])[1][0].split()
        except IndexError:
            # Ocurrs when no lines are returned (service not installed)
            entry.set('current_status', 'off')
            return False
        if entry.attrib['type'] == 'xinetd':
            return entry.attrib['status'] == srvdata[1]

            onlevels = [level.split(':')[0] for level in srvdata[1:] if level.split(':')[1] == 'on']
        except IndexError:
            onlevels = []

        # chkconfig/init.d service
        if entry.get('status') == 'on':
            status = len(onlevels) > 0
            status = len(onlevels) == 0

        if not status:
            if entry.get('status') == 'on':
                entry.set('current_status', 'off')
                entry.set('current_status', 'on')
        return status

00046     def InstallService(self, entry):
        '''Install Service entry'''
        self.cmd.run("/sbin/chkconfig --add %s"%(entry.attrib['name']))
        self.logger.info("Installing Service %s" % (entry.get('name')))
        return self.cmd.run("/sbin/chkconfig %s %s" % (entry.get('name'),
                                                       entry.get('status')))[0] == 0

00053     def FindExtra(self):
        '''Locate extra chkconfig Services'''
        allsrv = [line.split()[0] for line in \
                  self.cmd.run("/sbin/chkconfig --list|grep :on")[1]]
        self.logger.debug('Found active services:')
        specified = [srv.get('name') for srv in self.getSupportedEntries()]
        return [Bcfg2.Client.XML.Element('Service', type='chkconfig', name=name) \
                for name in allsrv if name not in specified]

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