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00001 '''This plugin provides automatic dependency handling'''
__revision__ = '$Revision:$'

import Bcfg2.Server.Plugin, lxml.etree

00006 class DNode(Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.INode):
    '''DNode provides supports for single predicate types for dependencies'''
    raw = {'Group':"lambda x:'%s' in x.groups and predicate(x)"}
    containers = ['Group']
    def __init__(self, data, idict, parent=None):
        self.data = data
        self.contents = {}
        if parent == None:
            self.predicate = lambda x:True
            predicate = parent.predicate
            if data.tag in self.raw.keys():
                self.predicate = eval(self.raw[data.tag] % (data.get('name')), {'predicate':predicate})
                raise Exception
        mytype = self.__class__
        self.children = []
        for item in data.getchildren():
            if item.tag in self.containers:
                self.children.append(mytype(item, idict, self))
                data = [(child.tag, child.get('name')) for child in item.getchildren()]
                    self.contents[item.tag][item.get('name')] = data
                except KeyError:
                    self.contents[item.tag] = {item.get('name'):data}

class DepXMLSrc(Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.XMLSrc):
    __node__ = DNode

class Deps(Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.PrioDir):
    __name__ = 'Deps'
    __version__ = '$Id:$'
    __author__ = 'bcfg-dev@mcs.anl.gov'
    __child__ = DepXMLSrc

    def __init__(self, core, datastore):
        Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.PrioDir.__init__(self, core, datastore)
        self.cache = {}

    def HandleEvent(self, event):
        self.cache = {}
        Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.PrioDir.HandleEvent(self, event)
    def GeneratePrereqs(self, structures, metadata):
        entries = []
        prereqs = []
        for structure in structures:
            for entry in structure.getchildren():
                if (entry.tag, entry.get('name')) not in entries:
                    entries.append((entry.tag, entry.get('name')))
        entries = tuple(entries)
        gdata = metadata.groups[:]
        gdata = tuple(gdata)
        if self.cache.has_key((entries, gdata)):
            prereqs = self.cache[(entries, gdata)]
            [src.Cache(metadata) for src in self.entries.values()]
            toexamine = list(entries[:])
            while toexamine:
                entry = toexamine.pop()
                matching = [src for src in self.entries.values()
                            if src.cache and src.cache[1].has_key(entry[0])
                            and src.cache[1][entry[0]].has_key(entry[1])]
                if len(matching) > 1:
                    prio = [int(src.priority) for src in matching]
                    if prio.count(max(prio)) > 1:
                        self.logger.error("Found conflicting %s sources with same priority for %s, pkg %s" %
                                          (entry[0].lower(), metadata.hostname, entry[1]))
                        raise Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.PluginExecutionError
                    index = prio.index(max(prio))
                    matching = [matching[index]]

                if not matching:
                elif len(matching) == 1:
                    for prq in matching[0].cache[1][entry[0]][entry[1]]:
                        if prq not in prereqs and prq not in entries:
            self.cache[(entries, gdata)] = prereqs
        newstruct = lxml.etree.Element("Independant")
        for tag, name in prereqs:
            lxml.etree.SubElement(newstruct, tag, name=name)
        return newstruct

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