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00001 '''Bcfg2 Support for Encap Packages'''

__revision__ = '$Revision: 2449 $'

import Bcfg2.Client.Tools, glob, re

00007 class Encap(Bcfg2.Client.Tools.PkgTool):
    '''Support for Encap packages'''
    __name__ = 'Encap'
    __execs__ = ['/usr/local/bin/epkg']
    __handles__ = [('Package', 'encap')]
    __req__ = {'Package': ['version', 'url']}
    pkgtype = 'encap'
    pkgtool = ("/usr/local/bin/epkg -l -f -q %s", ("%s", ["url"]))
    splitter = re.compile('.*/(?P<name>[\w-]+)\-(?P<version>[\w\.-]+)')

# If you define self.pkgtool and self.pkgname it will [use] the Pkgtool.Install 
# method will do the installation stuff for you

00020     def RefreshPackages(self):
        '''Try to find encap packages'''
        self.installed = {}
        for pkg in glob.glob("/usr/local/encap/*"):
            match = self.splitter.match(pkg)
            if match:
                self.installed[match.group('name')] = match.group('version')
                print "Failed to split name %s" % pkg
      self.logger.debug("Encap.py: RefreshPackages: self.installed.keys() are:")
        self.logger.debug("%s" % self.installed.keys())
00032     def VerifyPackage(self, entry, _):
        '''Verify Package status for entry'''
        if not entry.get('version'):
            self.logger.info("Insufficient information of Package %s; cannot Verify" % entry.get('name'))
            return False
        cmdrc = self.cmd.run("/usr/local/bin/epkg -q -S -k %s-%s >/dev/null" %
                            (entry.get('name'), entry.get('version')))[0]
        if cmdrc != 0:
            self.logger.debug("Package %s version incorrect" % entry.get('name'))
            return True
        return False

    # Can use the FindExtraPackages method from Bcfg2.Client.Tools.PkgTool

00047     def RemovePackages(self, packages):
        '''Deal with extra configuration detected'''
        names = " ".join([pkg.get('name') for pkg in packages])
        self.logger.info("Removing packages: %s" % (names))
        self.cmd.run("/usr/local/bin/epkg -l -q -r %s" % (names))
        self.extra = self.FindExtraPackages()

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