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00001 '''This file stores persistent metadata for the BCFG Configuration Repository'''
__revision__ = '$Revision: 2308 $'

import logging, lxml.etree, os, socket, time

00006 class MetadataConsistencyError(Exception):
    '''This error gets raised when metadata is internally inconsistent'''

00010 class MetadataRuntimeError(Exception):
    '''This error is raised when the metadata engine is called prior to reading enough data'''

00014 class ClientMetadata(object):
    '''This object contains client metadata'''
    def __init__(self, client, groups, bundles, toolset, categories):
        self.hostname = client
        self.bundles = bundles
        self.groups = groups
        self.toolset = toolset
        self.categories = categories

00023 class Metadata:
    '''This class contains data for bcfg2 server metadata'''
    __version__ = '$Id: Metadata.py 2308 2006-09-24 23:17:10Z desai $'
    __author__ = 'bcfg-dev@mcs.anl.gov'

    def __init__(self, fam, datastore):
        self.__name__ = 'Metadata'
        self.data = "%s/%s" % (datastore, self.__name__)
        fam.AddMonitor("%s/%s" % (self.data, "groups.xml"), self)
        fam.AddMonitor("%s/%s" % (self.data, "clients.xml"), self)
        self.states = {'groups.xml':False, 'clients.xml':False}
        self.addresses = {}
        self.clients = {}
        self.aliases = {}
        self.groups = {}
        self.public = []
        self.profiles = []
        self.toolsets = {}
        self.categories = {}
        self.clientdata = None
        self.default = None
        self.logger = logging.getLogger('Bcfg2.Server.Metadata')

00046     def HandleEvent(self, event):
        '''Handle update events for data files'''
        filename = event.filename.split('/')[-1]
        if filename not in ['groups.xml', 'clients.xml']:
        if event.code2str() == 'endExist':
            xdata = lxml.etree.parse("%s/%s" % (self.data, filename))
        except lxml.etree.XMLSyntaxError:
            self.logger.error('Failed to parse %s' % (filename))
        if filename == 'clients.xml':
            self.clients = {}
            self.aliases = {}
            self.clientdata = xdata
            for client in xdata.findall('./Client'):
                if 'address' in client.attrib:
                    self.addresses[client.get('address')] = client.get('name')
                for alias in [alias for alias in client.findall('Alias') if 'address' in alias.attrib]:
                    self.addresses[alias.get('address')] = client.get('name')
                self.clients.update({client.get('name'): client.get('profile')})
                [self.aliases.update({alias.get('name'): client.get('name')}) for alias in client.findall('Alias')]
        elif filename == 'groups.xml':
            self.public = []
            self.profiles = []
            self.toolsets = {}
            self.groups = {}
            grouptmp = {}
            self.categories = {}
            for group in xdata.findall('./Group'):
                grouptmp[group.get('name')] = tuple([[item.get('name') for item in group.findall(spec)]
                                                     for spec in ['./Bundle', './Group']])
                if group.get('default', 'false') == 'true':
                    self.default = group.get('name')
                if group.get('profile', 'false') == 'true':
                if group.get('public', 'false') == 'true':
                if group.attrib.has_key('toolset'):
                    self.toolsets[group.get('name')] = group.get('toolset')
                if group.attrib.has_key('category'):
                    self.categories[group.get('name')] = group.get('category')
            for group in grouptmp:
                # self.groups[group] => (bundles, groups, categories)
                self.groups[group] = ([], [], {})
                tocheck = [group]
                while tocheck:
                    now = tocheck.pop()
                    if now not in self.groups[group][1]:
                    if grouptmp.has_key(now):
                        (bundles, groups) = grouptmp[now]
                        for ggg in [ggg for ggg in groups if ggg not in self.groups[group][1]]:
                            if not self.categories.has_key(ggg) or not self.groups[group][2].has_key(self.categories[ggg]):
                            if self.categories.has_key(ggg):
                                self.groups[group][2][self.categories[ggg]] = ggg
                        [self.groups[group][0].append(bund) for bund in bundles
                         if bund not in self.groups[group][0]]
        self.states[filename] = True
        if False not in self.states.values():
            # check that all client groups are real and complete
            real = self.groups.keys()
            for client in self.clients.keys():
                if self.clients[client] not in real or self.clients[client] not in self.profiles:
                    self.logger.error("Client %s set as nonexistant or incomplete group %s" \
                                      % (client, self.clients[client]))
                    self.logger.error("Removing client mapping for %s" % (client))
                    del self.clients[client]

00120     def set_profile(self, client, profile):
        '''Set group parameter for provided client'''
        self.logger.info("Asserting client %s profile to %s" % (client, profile))
        if False in self.states.values():
            raise MetadataRuntimeError
        if profile not in self.public:
            self.logger.error("Failed to set client %s to private group %s" % (client, profile))
            raise MetadataConsistencyError
        if self.clients.has_key(client):
            self.logger.info("Changing %s group from %s to %s" % (client, self.clients[client], profile))
            cli = self.clientdata.xpath('/Clients/Client[@name="%s"]' % (client))
            cli[0].set('profile', profile)
            lxml.etree.SubElement(self.clientdata.getroot(), 'Client', name=client, profile=profile)
        self.clients[client] = profile

00137     def write_back_clients(self):
        '''Write changes to client.xml back to disk'''
            datafile = open("%s/%s" % (self.data, 'clients.xml'), 'w')
        except IOError:
            self.logger.error("Failed to write clients.xml")
            raise MetadataRuntimeError

00147     def find_toolset(self, client):
        '''Find the toolset for a given client'''
        tgroups = [self.toolsets[group] for group in self.groups[client][1] if self.toolsets.has_key(group)]
        if len(tgroups) == 1:
            return tgroups[0]
        elif len(tgroups) == 0:
            self.logger.error("Couldn't find toolset for client %s" % (client))
            raise MetadataConsistencyError
            self.logger.error("Got goofy toolset result for client %s" % (client))
            raise MetadataConsistencyError

00159     def get_config_template(self, client):
        '''Build the configuration header for a client configuration'''
        return lxml.etree.Element("Configuration", version='2.0', toolset=self.find_toolset(client))

00163     def resolve_client(self, address):
        '''Lookup address locally or in DNS to get a hostname'''
        if self.addresses.has_key(address):
            return self.addresses[address]
            return socket.gethostbyaddr(address)[0]
        except socket.herror:
            warning = "address resolution error for %s" % (address)
            raise MetadataConsistencyError
00174     def get_metadata(self, client):
        '''Return the metadata for a given client'''
        if self.aliases.has_key(client):
            client = self.aliases[client]
        if self.clients.has_key(client):
            (bundles, groups, categories) = self.groups[self.clients[client]]
            if self.default == None:
                self.logger.error("Cannot set group for client %s; no default group set" % (client))
                raise MetadataConsistencyError
            [bundles, groups] = self.groups[self.default]
        toolinfo = [self.toolsets[group] for group in groups if self.toolsets.has_key(group)]
        if len(toolinfo) > 1:
            self.logger.error("Found multiple toolsets for client %s; choosing one" % (client))
        elif len(toolinfo) == 0:
            self.logger.error("Cannot determine toolset for client %s" % (client))
            raise MetadataConsistencyError
        toolset = toolinfo[0]
        return ClientMetadata(client, groups, bundles, toolset, categories)

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