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lib::Client::Proxy::SafeProxy Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for lib::Client::Proxy::SafeProxy:

lib::Client::Proxy::ComponentProxy lib::Client::Proxy::allocation_manager lib::Client::Proxy::bcfg2 lib::Client::Proxy::file_stager lib::Client::Proxy::process_manager lib::Client::Proxy::queue_manager lib::Client::Proxy::scheduler lib::Client::Proxy::service_location

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Detailed Description

Wrapper for proxy

Definition at line 59 of file Proxy.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def dummy
def run_method

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def __get_location

Static Private Attributes

tuple _authinfo = ('root', _cfile.get('communication', 'password'))
tuple _bindaddress = _cfile.get('communication', 'bindaddress')
string _bindaddress = ""
tuple _cfile = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
string _cfpath = '/etc/bcfg2.conf'
list _cfpath = sys.argv[sys.argv.index('-C') + 1]
list _components = _cfile._sections['components']
int _retries = 4

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