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def lib::Client::Tools::RPM::RPM::VerifyPackage (   self,

Verify Package status for entry

Definition at line 32 of file RPM.py.

00032                                            :
        '''Verify Package status for entry'''
        if not entry.get('version'):
            self.logger.error("Can't install package %s, not enough data." % (entry.get('name')))
            return False
        rpm_options = []
        if entry.get('verify', 'false') == 'nomtime':
            self.logger.debug("Skipping mtime verification for package %s" % (entry.get('name')))
        if self.installed.has_key(entry.get('name')):
            if entry.get('version') == self.installed[entry.get('name')]:
                if entry.get('multiarch'):
                    archs = entry.get('multiarch').split()
                    info = self.cmd.run('rpm -q %s --qf "%%{NAME} %%{VERSION}-%%{RELEASE} %%{ARCH}\n"' % (entry.get('name')))[1]
                    while info:
                        arch = info.pop().split()[2]
                        if arch in archs:
                            self.logger.error("Got pkg install for Package %s: arch %s" % (entry.get('name'), arch))
                            return False
                    if archs:
                        self.logger.error("Package %s not installed for arch: %s" % (entry.get('name'), archs))
                        return False
                if (self.setup['quick'] or (entry.get('verify', 'true') == 'false')) or entry.get('multiarch'):
                    if entry.get('verify', 'true') == 'false':
                        self.logger.debug("Skipping checksum verification for package %s" % (entry.get('name')))
                    return True
                self.logger.debug("Package %s: wrong version installed. want %s have %s" %
                                  (entry.get('name'), entry.get('version'), self.installed[entry.get('name')]))
                entry.set('current_version', self.installed[entry.get('name')])
                return False
            self.logger.debug("Package %s: not installed" % (entry.get('name')))
            entry.set('current_exists', 'false')
            return False

        (vstat, output) = self.cmd.run("rpm --verify -q %s %s-%s" % (" ".join(rpm_options), entry.get('name'), entry.get('version')))
        if vstat != 0:
            if [name for name in output if name.split()[-1] not in modlist]:
                self.logger.debug("Package %s content verification failed" % entry.get('name'))
                return False
        return True

    def RemovePackages(self, entries):

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