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def lib::Client::Tools::Tool::Inventory (   self,
  structures = [] 

Dispatch verify calls to underlying methods

Definition at line 90 of file __init__.py.

00090                                       :
        '''Dispatch verify calls to underlying methods'''
        if not structures:
            structures = self.config.getchildren()
        for (struct, entry) in [(struct, entry) for struct in structures \
                                for entry in struct.getchildren() \
                                if self.canVerify(entry)]:
                func = getattr(self, "Verify%s" % (entry.tag))
                self.states[entry] = func(entry, self.buildModlist(entry, struct))
                    "Unexpected failure of verification method for entry type %s" \
                    % (entry.tag), exc_info=1)
        self.extra = self.FindExtra()

    def Install(self, entries):

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