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def lib::Server::Plugins::SSHbase::SSHbase::build_hk (   self,

This binds host key data into entries

Definition at line 110 of file SSHbase.py.

00110                                        :
        '''This binds host key data into entries'''
        client = metadata.hostname
        filename = "%s.H_%s" % (entry.get('name').split('/')[-1], client)
        if filename not in self.repository.entries.keys():
            if hasattr(self, 'static_skn'):
                del self.static_skn
        if not self.repository.entries.has_key(filename):
            self.logger.error("%s still not registered" % filename)
            raise Bcfg2.Server.Plugin.PluginExecutionError
        keydata = self.repository.entries[filename].data
        permdata = {'owner':'root', 'group':'root'}
        permdata['perms'] = '0600'
        if entry.get('name')[-4:] == '.pub':
            permdata['perms'] = '0644'
        [entry.attrib.__setitem__(key, permdata[key]) for key in permdata]
        if "ssh_host_key.H_" == filename[:15]:
            entry.attrib['encoding'] = 'base64'
            entry.text = binascii.b2a_base64(keydata)
            entry.text = keydata

    def GenerateHostKeys(self, client):

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