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#! /usr/bin/env python
'''Imports statistics.xml and clients.xml files in to database backend for new statistics engine'''
__revision__ = '$Revision$'

import os, sys
    import settings
except ImportError:
        import brpt.settings
    except ImportError:
        sys.stderr.write("Failed to locate settings.py. Is brpt python module installed?")

project_directory = os.path.dirname(settings.__file__)
project_name = os.path.basename(project_directory)
sys.path.append(os.path.join(project_directory, '..'))
project_module = __import__(project_name, '', '', [''])
# Set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE appropriately.
os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = '%s.settings' % project_name

from brpt.reports.models import Client, Interaction, Bad, Modified, Extra, Performance, Reason
from lxml.etree import XML, XMLSyntaxError
from sys import argv
from getopt import getopt, GetoptError
from datetime import datetime
from time import strptime, sleep
from django.db import connection, backend

if __name__ == '__main__':
    somewhatverbose = False
    verbose = False
    veryverbose = False
        opts, args = getopt(argv[1:], "hvudc:s:", ["help", "verbose", "updates" ,"debug", "clients=", "stats="])
    except GetoptError, mesg:
        # print help information and exit:
        print "%s\nUsage:\nimportscript.py [-h] [-v] [-u] [-d] -c <clients-file> -s <statistics-file>" % (mesg) 
        raise SystemExit, 2
    for o, a in opts:
        if o in ("-h", "--help"):
            print "Usage:\nimportscript.py [-h] [-v] -c <clients-file> -s <statistics-file> \n"
            print "h : help; this message"
            print "v : verbose; print messages on record insertion/skip"
            print "u : updates; print status messages as items inserted semi-verbose"
            print "d : debug; print most SQL used to manipulate database"
            print "c : clients.xml file"
            print "s : statistics.xml file"
            raise SystemExit
        if o in ("-v", "--verbose"):
            verbose = True
        if o in ("-u", "--updates"):
            somewhatverbose = True
        if o in ("-d", "--debug"):
            veryverbose = True
        if o in ("-c", "--clients"):
            clientspath = a
        if o in ("-s", "--stats"):
            statpath = a

    '''Reads Data & Config files'''
        statsdata = XML(open(statpath).read())
    except (IOError, XMLSyntaxError):
        print("StatReports: Failed to parse %s"%(statpath))
        raise SystemExit, 1
        clientsdata = XML(open(clientspath).read())
    except (IOError, XMLSyntaxError):
        print("StatReports: Failed to parse %s"%(clientspath))
        raise SystemExit, 1

    cursor = connection.cursor()
    clients = {}
    cursor.execute("SELECT name, id from reports_client;")
    [clients.__setitem__(a,b) for a,b in cursor.fetchall()]
    for node in statsdata.findall('Node'):
        name = node.get('name')
        if not clients.has_key(name):
            cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_client VALUES (NULL, %s, %s, NULL, NULL)", [datetime.now(),name])
            clients[name] = cursor.lastrowid
            if verbose:
                print("Client %s added to db"%name)
            if verbose:
                print("Client %s already exists in db"%name)

    cursor.execute("SELECT client_id, timestamp, id from reports_interaction")
    interactions_hash = {}
    [interactions_hash.__setitem__(str(x[0])+"-"+x[1].isoformat(),x[2]) for x in cursor.fetchall()]#possibly change str to tuple
    pingability = {}
    [pingability.__setitem__(n.get('name'),n.get('pingable',default='N')) for n in clientsdata.findall('Client')]

    cursor.execute("SELECT id, owner, current_owner, %s, current_group, perms, current_perms, status, current_status, %s, current_to, version, current_version, current_exists, current_diff from reports_reason"%(backend.quote_name("group"),backend.quote_name("to")))
    reasons_hash = {}
    [reasons_hash.__setitem__(tuple(n[1:]),n[0]) for n in cursor.fetchall()]

    cursor.execute("SELECT id, name, kind, reason_id from reports_bad")
    bad_hash = {}
    [bad_hash.__setitem__((n[1],n[2],n[3]),n[0]) for n in cursor.fetchall()]

    cursor.execute("SELECT id, name, kind, reason_id from reports_extra")
    extra_hash = {}
    [extra_hash.__setitem__((n[1],n[2],n[3]),n[0]) for n in cursor.fetchall()]

    cursor.execute("SELECT id, name, kind, reason_id from reports_modified")
    modified_hash = {}
    [modified_hash.__setitem__((n[1],n[2],n[3]),n[0]) for n in cursor.fetchall()]

    cursor.execute("SELECT id, metric, value from reports_performance")
    performance_hash = {}
    [performance_hash.__setitem__((n[1],n[2]),n[0]) for n in cursor.fetchall()]

    cursor.execute("SELECT x.client_id, reports_ping.status from (SELECT client_id, MAX(endtime) from reports_ping GROUP BY client_id) x, reports_ping WHERE x.client_id = reports_ping.client_id")
    ping_hash = {}
    [ping_hash.__setitem__(n[0],n[1]) for n in cursor.fetchall()]

    for r in statsdata.findall('.//Bad/*')+statsdata.findall('.//Extra/*')+statsdata.findall('.//Modified/*'):
        arguments = [r.get('owner', default=""), r.get('current_owner', default=""),
                     r.get('group', default=""), r.get('current_group', default=""),
                     r.get('perms', default=""), r.get('current_perms', default=""),
                     r.get('status', default=""), r.get('current_status', default=""),
                     r.get('to', default=""), r.get('current_to', default=""),
                     r.get('version', default=""), r.get('current_version', default=""),
                     (r.get('current_exists', default="True").capitalize()=="True"),
                     r.get('current_diff', default="")]
        if reasons_hash.has_key(tuple(arguments)):
            current_reason_id = reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)]
            if verbose:
                print("Reason already exists..... It's ID is: %s"%current_reason_id)
            cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_reason VALUES (NULL, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s);",
            current_reason_id = cursor.lastrowid
            reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)] = current_reason_id
            if verbose:
                print("Reason inserted with id %s"%current_reason_id)
    if (somewhatverbose or verbose):
        print "----------------REASONS SYNCED---------------------"
    for node in statsdata.findall('Node'):
        name = node.get('name')
        except KeyError:
            pingability[name] = 'N'
        for statistics in node.findall('Statistics'):
            t = strptime(statistics.get('time'))
            timestamp = datetime(t[0],t[1],t[2],t[3],t[4],t[5])#Maybe replace with django.core.db typecasts typecast_timestamp()? import from django.backends util
            if interactions_hash.has_key(str(clients[name]) +"-"+ timestamp.isoformat()):
                current_interaction_id = interactions_hash[str(clients[name])+"-"+timestamp.isoformat()]
                if verbose:
                    print("Interaction for %s at %s with id %s already exists"%(clients[name],
                cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_interaction VALUES (NULL, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s);",
                               [clients[name], timestamp,
                                statistics.get('state', default="unknown"), statistics.get('revision',default="unknown"),
                                statistics.get('good',default="0"), statistics.get('total',default="0")])
                current_interaction_id = cursor.lastrowid
                interactions_hash[str(clients[name])+"-"+timestamp.isoformat()] = current_interaction_id
                if verbose:
                    print("Interaction for %s at %s with id %s INSERTED in to db"%(clients[name],
                        timestamp, current_interaction_id))

            for (xpath, hashname, tablename) in [('Bad/*', bad_hash, 'reports_bad'),
                                                 ('Extra/*', extra_hash, 'reports_extra'),
                                                 ('Modified/*', modified_hash, 'reports_modified')]:
                for x in statistics.findall(xpath):
                    arguments = [x.get('owner', default=""), x.get('current_owner', default=""),
                                 x.get('group', default=""), x.get('current_group', default=""),
                                 x.get('perms', default=""), x.get('current_perms', default=""),
                                 x.get('status', default=""), x.get('current_status', default=""),
                                 x.get('to', default=""), x.get('current_to', default=""),
                                 x.get('version', default=""), x.get('current_version', default=""),
                                 (x.get('current_exists', default="True").capitalize()=="True"),
                                 x.get('current_diff', default="")]

                    if not hashname.has_key((x.get('name'), x.tag, reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)])):
                        cursor.execute("INSERT INTO "+tablename+" VALUES (NULL, %s, %s, %s, %s);",
                                        (x.get('critical', default="False").capitalize()=="True"),
                        item_id = cursor.lastrowid
                        hashname[(x.get('name'), x.tag, reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)])] = item_id
                        if verbose:
                            print "Bad item INSERTED having reason id %s and ID %s"%(reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)],
                                                                                     hashname[(x.get('name'),x.tag, reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)])])
                        item_id = hashname[(x.get('name'), x.tag, reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)])]
                        if verbose:
                            print "Bad item exists, has reason id %s and ID %s"%(reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)],
                                                                                          hashname[(x.get('name'),x.tag, reasons_hash[tuple(arguments)])])
                        cursor.execute("INSERT INTO "+tablename+"_interactions VALUES (NULL, %s, %s);",
                                       [item_id, current_interaction_id])

            for times in statistics.findall('OpStamps'):
                for tags in times.items():
                    if not performance_hash.has_key((tags[0],float(tags[1]))):
                        cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_performance VALUES (NULL, %s, %s)",[tags[0],tags[1]])
                        performance_hash[(tags[0],tags[1])] = cursor.lastrowid
                        item_id = performance_hash[(tags[0],float(tags[1]))]
                        #already exists
                        cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_performance_interaction VALUES (NULL, %s, %s);",
                                       [item_id, current_interaction_id])

    if (somewhatverbose or verbose):
        print("----------------INTERACTIONS SYNCED----------------")
    cursor.execute("select reports_interaction.id, x.client_id from (select client_id, MAX(timestamp) as timer from reports_interaction Group BY client_id) x, reports_interaction where reports_interaction.client_id = x.client_id AND reports_interaction.timestamp = x.timer")
    for row in cursor.fetchall():
        cursor.execute("UPDATE reports_client SET current_interaction_id = %s where reports_client.id = %s",
    if (somewhatverbose or verbose):
        print("------------LATEST INTERACTION SET----------------")

    for key in pingability.keys():
        if clients.has_key(key):
            if ping_hash.has_key(clients[key]):
                if ping_hash[clients[key]] == pingability[key]:
                    cursor.execute("UPDATE reports_ping SET endtime = %s where reports_ping.client_id = %s",
                    ping_hash[clients[key]] = pingability[key]
                    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_ping VALUES (NULL, %s, %s, %s, %s)",
                                   [clients[key], datetime.now(), datetime.now(), pingability[key]])
                ping_hash[clients[key]] = pingability[key]
                cursor.execute("INSERT INTO reports_ping VALUES (NULL, %s, %s, %s, %s)",
                               [clients[key], datetime.now(), datetime.now(), pingability[key]])

    if (somewhatverbose or verbose):
        print "---------------PINGDATA SYNCED---------------------"

    #Clients are consistent
    if veryverbose:
        for q in connection.queries:
            if not (q['sql'].startswith('INSERT INTO reports_bad_interactions')|
                    q['sql'].startswith('INSERT INTO reports_extra_interactions')|
                    q['sql'].startswith('INSERT INTO reports_performance_interaction')|
                    q['sql'].startswith('INSERT INTO reports_modified_interactions')|
                    q['sql'].startswith('UPDATE reports_client SET current_interaction_id ')):
                print q

    raise SystemExit, 0

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